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MARCo Health Inc.



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Meet MARCo – the Mental-Health Assisting Robot Companion – your robot best friend for life! MARCo is here to be your support system for when you need some support for your mental health, no matter what you’re going through – stress, anxiety, depressed moods, loneliness, and much, much more!

So how does MARCo help you exactly? Through five proven mental health support techniques, that’s how!

  1. Companionship – talk with MARCo like you would to a friend, and once you’ve blown off some steam, play some fun games, watch some uplifting videos, or do one of dozens of other enjoyable activities together!
  2. Guided Meditation and Relaxation – whether you need to destress after a long day, get some help sleeping, or overcome anxiety, MARCo is here to help with a personalized meditation routine and tons of breathing and whole-body relaxation techniques.
  3. Talk Support – If you are looking for some more serious mental health support, Talk Support is MARCo’s way of acting like a robot therapist. You can talk to MARCo during your “sessions” together, and MARCo will guide you through psychology-based exercises to reach your goals and improve your overall mental wellbeing.
  4. Biofeedback – mental health is health, and MARCo knows that. That’s why MARCo will check in on your physical health as well as your mental health to get you feeling better holistically.
  5. High Alert Outreach – if you are in a serious situation where there is a threat of harm to you, MARCo will reach out to your emergency contacts to let them know what the situation is and how to help.


This is the original model of MARCo.

Bundled in with your MARCo are 3 years of access to MARCo Online, giving you access to MARCo on your phone, tablet, or computer; a power supply; and a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo (a $240 value included, free).

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