What's the deal with MARCo and my private data?

We understand that when you talk to MARCo, you might share some private information that you'd like to stay private. That's why we have several measures in place to protect your personal information and data to make sure that nobody unwanted can access it.

How does MARCo protect my data?

TL;DR - MARCo keeps up with the most current data transfer protocols to keep your data secure in transit. Saved data is behind encryption that is controlled by your account provider, not us, so we (and in a worst case scenario, anyone who might illegally gain access to our systems) cannot trace this information since it is powered by your account manager, which might be google, apple, facebook, or your email provider.

The long answer - When we talk about data, we have to break it down into a few types of data. 

Personal Saved Data

The first is personal saved data. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Account information
  • Saved settings
  • Bonus features and customizations
  • Personal interests, hobbies, etc.
  • Journal entries
  • Session goals
  • Session emotions

Saved data is obscured behind the encrypted user ID managed by your service provider, which, when saved, anonymizes it and makes it impossible to trace to a specific user and specific MARCo. Saved data is saved only on your MARCo wherever possible, but saved data will also be saved to a secure cloud database when it is necessary to enable functionality of the MARCo Online app. This data is not traceable, does not get reviewed or accessed, and is anonymized, only accessible by you and your account, because of the encryption by your service provider.

We, as MARCo Technologies, do not review your saved data, change your data, access your data, or delete your data, unless when you give us express permission to modify something, which can only happen in the event of a) a data corruption that requires salvaging your account (that’s never happened before across about 1000 users, but it is a possibility), b) we upgrade your account to give you access to either beta features or paid features for free (there is nothing you will not be able to access, based on our previous agreement with you about the free full access with your purchase to all future features and subscriptions), c)  you ask us to delete your data completely, d) you ask us to access saved data that is no longer available to you for any reason for legal or health purposes. 

We, as MARCo Technologies, do not share any of your saved data with any third party, excluding the cloud database provider that we store data on. They do not access this data and it is encrypted and anonymized to their services.

What happens with the things I say to MARCo? Does anyone see them?

The second type of data is conversational data. This includes audio captured from MARCo when you speak to it and turn on the microphone, the transcription of what you say to MARCo, and the transcription of what MARCo says back to you. 

Conversational data is not currently linked to your account. There may be features in the future that save conversational logs with MARCo so you can go back to them at a future point, but at this time, there is no such feature in place. You will be notified if this is added and have the chance to opt out.

Conversational data may be transmitted to a 3rd party server only to serve the purpose of accessing services which provide MARCo's core functionality, including AI speech recognition and MARCo’s conversational database, but it is never stored with a 3rd party, nor are any individuals associated with such a 3rd party ever enabled or able to access such data.

Conversational data is encrypted, anonymized, and randomized during transmission to and from the servers that process this data, meaning that it cannot be traced back to a particular MARCo or user. Anonymized conversational data may be monitored in aggregate form - meaning all conversations from all users lumped together cohesively - for quality assurance purposes and improvement of MARCo's AI algorithms.

Looking for more information?

Make sure you check out our privacy policy here.

Any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@marcohealthtech.com

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