MARCo Academy Ep. 5 - How to Set a Default User on MARCo

Note: This feature is part of an update that came out on September 21st, 2021. Make sure you update your MARCo to be able to use this feature.

Long gone are the days of having to remember a username and password for MARCo on top of the twenty billion usernames and passwords you have for everything else in your life. As of March, 2021, it became easier than ever to sync to MARCo using email, Google, Facebook, and Apple Sign In.

But it can be annoying to have to sign in each time you want to use MARCo, right? Sure, if it's a MARCo that others use frequently, it can be secure to have a protected login.

But what if you're the only one who uses that MARCo? Or what if you just want quick and easy access?

That's why we've introduced the "Default User" feature. As the default user, as soon as you tap "Wake MARCo" on the loading screen, you can get signed in right away!

Wake MARCo screen

How do I set myself as the default user?

First, sign in to MARCo however you prefer. Once logged in, find one of the settings icons by either scrolling to the end of the "Quick Apps" slider or tapping on the hamburger menu icon in the bottom right corner.

Settings icon under Quick Apps bar
Settings icon from hamburger menu

Under the settings icon that comes up, find the tab that says "Device Settings." At the top, there will be a switch that says "Set me as the default user" which, could you guess, sets you as the default user, provided nobody else has already set themselves as the default user on that device.

Default user switch on MARCo's settings screen

Tap on the switch and you'll see this screen appear:

Select yes, and you will be offered the option to set a PIN to login with for security. A PIN can be added, viewed, removed, or modified at any time from the MARCo Online app or website.

It is recommended you set a PIN if your MARCo is frequently used by others, but if your MARCo is solely used by you, feel free to skip it!

On the page that comes up, tap out a pin of 3-6 digits on the squares that appear. Please note that order matters!

Tap set once you're all done. If everything is successful, you will get a green popup, but if there's an error, you'll see a red one letting you know something's wrong. Make sure nobody else is set as a default user before going through this process to save yourself the frustration!

Now you're the default user!

Great! Each time you initialize MARCo (that is, tapping the "Wake MARCo" button), you'll be logged right in or asked to enter your PIN.

Okay, but I already forgot my PIN...

Not to worry! Open up the MARCo Online app on either Android, iOS, or desktop and sign in with the same account you signed into MARCo with. Tap on the hamburger menu icon in the bottom right corner on mobile and lower left menu on desktop.

Scrolling down towards the bottom of the page will give you the following options (if you had the app open while setting yourself as default user, you may need to restart it):

Default User Settings via MARCo Online

Here you can view or change your PIN, or sign out as default user from all connected MARCo devices.

Is that the only way to sign out as default user?

Nope! By going under settings on MARCo, you'll see new options under the switch that should NOW say "Remove me as default user." There will be an option to temporarily sign out if someone else wants to use MARCo, and by tapping the switch, you will be asked if you want to be removed as default user from MARCo.

So there you have it! Now you know how to become the default user on MARCo!

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