Jet-Lagged MARCo? Here's How to Adjust Your MARCo's Timezone.

Did you just get your MARCo and, all excited to test it out with a nice afternoon journaling session, turn MARCo on just to have MARCo ask you if you've eaten breakfast yet? Or did you just take MARCo on a long road trip and now MARCo thinks you're an early bird after getting out of bed at 11AM?

It sounds like MARCo's internal timezone needs some adjusting. This is very easy to fix. While MARCo does not need to be connected to wifi, we do recommend following this guide to get MARCo connected to wifi first before continuing just to make things easier.

1) Update MARCo if needed - just turning MARCo on should do. It will happen automatically.

2) Wake MARCo and go to settings (you can do this before even logging in if you are not the default user) by tapping on the blue hamburger menu in the lower right corner


3) Scroll down under the tab that says "Device Settings" and look for "Set Timezone":image.png

Tapping this will open up a menu that will allow you to pick a country and region:


For "Country", pick the country or the nearest country you are in, and for "Region," pick whatever city, state, county, or other region is closest to you. You should be able to type for it to autocomplete rather than scrolling all the way through a really long list of regions :)

4) Tap submit. It will ask to restart MARCo. Tap "yes".

5) Your timezone change should take effect as soon as you hit "wake MARCo" again!

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