Effective Ways to Manage Anxiety and Depression During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for the entire world. And the most damaging aspect of the pandemic is invisible, which is the psychological and emotional toll it has taken on people. Coronavirus Anxiety & Depression is most affected by people’s mental health. We can have the numbers and stats of all the tangible elements of the pandemic that is doing the damage, but we can never really know the damage done by intangible facets. Mental health is among those.

Let’s admit it, for many people, the question ‘what’s going to happen next’ is worrying enough. And the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus situation is perhaps the toughest thing to handle. Being unaware of how things would turn out, how it's going to affect them, how bad it would be, how long it would last, etc., is concerning can be for anybody.

Mental Health and The Pandemic

This is why mental health during covid-19 has emerged as one of the most vital things to manage during the pandemic for people around the world. The most vulnerable people are, of course, the ones who already have some mental disorder.       

The limited availability and expensive treatment options mean that not everyone is able to find or afford it. Therefore, it becomes challenging in day-to-day life to manage anxiety and stress. However, with technological advancements, doctors and researchers have come up with innovative solutions to tackle mental health issues.

During the past few months, people suffering from anxiety and depression due to coronavirus have increased drastically: 1.5 million new adults in the U.S. alone started suffering from these illnesses since the start of the pandemic, according to Mental Health America. And as it is with most things these days, people often look for help online. That is why mental health chatbots can be one of the very effective ways to cope with anxiety and depression.

These online solutions provide some valuable information and effective solutions related to various mental illnesses. MARCo’s mental health chatbot and online tools offer 24/7 emotional support. 

This might now sound very cliché, but mental health is important and it needs to be dealt with in a very sincere way. Some people might not be comfortable sharing how they feel mentally due to their fear of being judged, or their shyness or introverted behavior. For them, online solutions can prove to be quite appropriate.

Innovative Ways to Tackle Coronavirus Anxiety & Depression

There are many ways to cope with anxiety and depression, and getting help in time is absolutely crucial. Here are some of the effective to manage your anxiety and depression that MARCo offers: 

i) Companionship: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Everyone needs a friend who can listen to their problems and how they’re actually feeling without any judgment. MARCo’s bot listens to you compassionately and will provide you with several stories, fun games, puzzles, etc. to lighten up your mood.

ii) Guided Meditation: Meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Indulge in meditation, relaxation activities, and breathing exercises.

iii) Talk support: It's really hard to let go of all your negative thoughts and feelings. MARCo’s tool is equipped with tons of exercises based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you overcome your negative thoughts and feelings.

iv) Taking care of your body: A common misbelief is that mental health just affects the mind. It affects the whole body. Eating healthy and balanced meals, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and keeping track of your eating habits would definitely help you maintain your mental health.

v) Taking breaks: People often have an urge to be connected all the time — checking the news, social media, etc., especially during times like this can be upsetting. Taking breaks and indulging yourself in the activities you love is also important.

If you are not yet ready to chat with a chatbot, MARCo Technologies’ various services include What-if exercise, various breathing exercises, emotion wheel app, which you can access anytime anywhere to support all your mental wellness needs.

Dealing with mental health problems can be hard. And limited support and expensive treatment mean, still, many people don’t get the help when they’re in need. However, modern technology has helped bridge some gaps. Basic resources and help is now accessible, to say the least.

If you think you’re suffering from any mental health related issue and you need immediate assistance, the following information and contacts will be useful —  

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