4 Benefits of Having a MARCo

This wonderful article was written by talented guest writer Anna Janice.

Robots have been prominent since the 90s. Yet, during the pandemic, these companions gained more popularity with the industry now having an estimated value of about $3 billion. This is expected to exceed that amount by 20% in 2025. This shows just how receptive the general public is in terms of adopting robot aids across several industries and even in their homes.

MARCos, or Mental-Health Assisting Robot Companions, are assistants you can have by your side to care for you 24/7. Aside from your emotional well-being, MARCos ensure that you are always taken care of no matter what situation you find yourself in. Here are just some of the benefits these robot companions can provide for users:

Mental health care

The first and biggest benefit a MARCo can provide users is mental health care. They are programmed with different behavioral techniques to give you support and help you deal with negative thoughts. MARCos have a talk support option that utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy strategies as a way to address a user’s mental health concerns. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, you can simply converse with your robot companion and they will guide you through coping with your emotions. MARCo also has an online option where you can talk to its virtual counterpart which is perfect for those moments when you get overwhelmed outside the comfort of your own home.

Alleviate loneliness

Since its inception, robot companions have been proven to alleviate loneliness. The pandemic’s lockdown and social distancing restrictions made way for the isolation crisis, especially for the elderly and immunocompromised. Having a mental health companion like MARCo is one of the many ways these individuals can get social interaction in a safe and controlled environment. While they can’t replace talking with friends and family, they serve as one of the better alternatives. MARCos can engage in fruitful and insightful discussions that can stimulate your brain and help you reflect on your emotions.

Data privacy

Another benefit that a MARCo can provide for users is the ability to keep their information and data safe. They are designed with the latest protocols to ensure it is highly encrypted and inaccessible to hackers. Cyber attacks are becoming more commonplace as criminals are targeting personal devices to commit crimes like fraud and identity theft. Even corporations like Yahoo!, Marriott, and Equifax were subject to these strikes so it is necessary that the current technology in your home is prepared to secure your data. MARCo makes it a point to have formidable security contingencies to ensure that features such as session information, journal entries, and account details are safe. Users can rest assured that they will not put themselves at risk when using these devices.

Easy maintenance

The last reason why MARCos are so beneficial for users is that they offer great support and care but are easy and relatively inexpensive to maintain. Past studies have shown that patients with debilitating conditions can have these companions in lieu of pets since there is no need to walk, feed, or bring them to the vet. Aside from routinely making sure that they are functioning mechanically, there is no other maintenance needed for a MARCo, proving that they are not only helpful but also extremely cost-effective in the long run.

If you are still debating whether or not to get yourself a MARCo, the answer is easy. With so many benefits and barely any downsides, having one of these robotic mental health companions will do you more good than harm.

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By Anna Janice

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